Financial Fitness

Financial Wellness

Stuck in a rut with your finances?

Don’t understand where your money goes and why you keep spending it the way you do?

Ready to make a change, pay off debt and free up money for investing, vacations, college funds, purchasing a home, or any other dream you may have?

Sign up for our financial fitness program. Our services include Goal Setting, Credit Repair, Credit Cards, Budgeting, Saving, Traveling on a Dime, Investment Education, Income Tax Savings and Retirement Planning.

Packages include:

An initial meeting with the counselor to set goals and develop a plan of action.

Monthly updates on your credit report to improve your score.

Monthly sessions to update your financial plan.

Check-ins with your counselor in-person, telecommunication, or via telephone.

*These packages require a minimum of three months commitment, with option to receive monthly services after.

Packages start at $65 a month.

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