Life Coaching with Krissy

Book a life coaching session with Krissy. She brings positive affirmations, business and relationship advice, and ways that you can manifest positivity and success! She also specializes in making your credit go “All the Way Up” (in her Remy Ma voice) to get all your financial goals on track! (1 30 minute session)

*Krissy has a B.S. in Business Administration and she is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Financial Planning.


Life Coaching with Mimi

Mimi’s specialty is faith-based mentoring/Christian coaching to help you bring every area of your life in alignment with God’s Plan. If you are on the fence with your spiritual journey or just want to affirm that you are on the right track, book with Mimi! (1 30 minute session)

*Mimi has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Services and a Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry.


Life Coaching with Ellisha

Ellisha offers life coaching with a little bit of swag. She is fun, full of energy and loves to empower others and assist you in setting boundaries and getting rid of negativity in your life. (1 30 minute session)

*Ellisha has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Financial Planning.


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